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How to pay for using CPROXY

If you have chosen to use the full version of CPROXY and contribute to us for further operations of this project, you can do it according to the following simple instructions:

1. Register in the upper left corner of this page. You can obtain a user ID and password here. It deals with the same registration data you have to enter for the CPROXY application.

2. After registering, click on "Pay for CPROXY" and continue according to the directions.

Pay for CPROXY

3. After receiving your payment we will automatically extend the opportunity for you to use your CPROXY account and will issue you a document of payment containing all the terms. You can use it as a document for accountancy. You can collect it after entering our page through the link "Paid invoices".

We accept payments via:
Here you can find information as to the passport for our WM-identifier 238250315468 Bitcoin
If you have no possibility to pay via supported payment methods, please try to contact one of our authorised reseller.

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