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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I was assign to a user´s ID after I registered on your web, this is valid for 3 days. What will happen after this period expire? Will I have to pay anything for using CPROXY?
A: If we do not receive your payment during your trial period, your account will be blocked till the moment you pay the service. If this do not happen within 30 days, your registration is calcelled automaticly.
Price for CPROXY is provided in the price list.

Q: I use different browser then Internet Explorer and there is not acceleration while the pages are loaded. Eventhough everything works correctly in IE.
A: In case you use one of the alternative browser, it is neccesary to make setting handly. Please set your browser for using proxy on the addresse 127.0.01, port 3128.

Q: What is the different between full and DEMO version of CPROXY?
DEMO Full version
Max. speed of compressed traffic 256-32kbps according to length of connection and server performance unlimited speed, 30GB / 30 days
Compression of outgoing e-mail (SMTP) denied allowed
Availability not guaranted, in case of full server performance paying users are connected in preference 24/7
Anonymity Partial, your original IP address is forwarded in tag
The user will get full anonymity as soon as we receive the first payment

Q: I have registered on your web but as CPROXY still informs me I am still using DEMO version. Where is the problem?
A: As soon as you make a succesful registration, you will receive an e-mail with log in information from us. Those are neccesary to insert into CPROXY. Please, find details here.

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