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Settings of electronic mail (POP3/SMTP)

The reception and sending of emails are particularly the operations in which you will better experience the wonderful qualities of CPROXY and where you will save the higher amounts of transferred data and your time. We recommend you to take a little of your time to customize the following settings for CPROXY and your email software (if you are using another software different from Microsoft Outlook Express, proceed in the same way):

CPROXY setting for the reception and sending of email

CPROXY creates the so called virtual ports for the security of the transmission of inbound and outbound mail.

The virtual port is collective for all your email accounts for outbound mail (SMTP). CPROXY system works as a mediator for the SMTP service. This can be a significant advantage for those users who frequently change the way they connect to the Internet (for example if you work on your laptop on the way, at the office or at home). Standardly, the virtual port for outbound mail is defined on an 8025 value and you will probably have no reason to change this setting.

A somewhat different situation happens with the incoming mail. CPROXY has to define a virtual port POP3 for each one of the servers from which the received mail is downloaded. You can practically define any number of these ports (respectively servers). CPROXY standardly defines some virtual ports POP3 for most commonly accessed email servers in Czech Republic. Follow these instructions to set CPROXY to receive emails from other servers:

  1. After right clicking on the CPROXY icon in the system tray of the Windows system’s Start Menu, you will see a context menu in which you will select the option Display.

  2. It will show you a window to set CPROXY in which, in the Settings -> Communication protocols section, you will find a list of virtual ports (see picture) created by CPROXY. Ports set up on value 110 are essential for the reception of emails. It’s up to you to change the settings for any server included in the standard setting of CPROXY which you are not using, or create a new virtual port for an e mail server that you do use.

    CPROXY - nastavení virtuálních portů

  3. Choose the virtual port you want to change and press Edit or press Add if you want to create a new virtual port and carry out the setting as shown in the picture. Enter the number of the virtual port you have chosen in the Local port section. It is necessary to set this value also in your email software. (see Software settings for mail). We strongly recommend you to keep the value in the 8110-8199 range. Set the Protocol on TCP/I; in the Host section, enter the address of the mail server you use; and in the Target port section, enter the value 110 (this is the standard port POP3).

  4. Save your settings by clicking on Apply

  5. You can create virtual ports for all the email servers you use in the same way as described in steps 4 – 5.

Software settings for mail

  1. Run your email software (Outlook Express)

  2. Click on Tools in the menu and then click on Accounts.

  3. In the Internet accounts dialog window, click on the Mailtab.

  4. Choose the email account from which you want to download your email through CPROXY and click on Properties.

  5. Click on the Servers tab in the dialogue window and carry out the setting as show in the picture.

    Start up your software for e-mail (Outlook Express)

  6. Click on theSpecify tab and carry out the setting as shown in the picture.

    Since CPROXY system automatically works as a mediator for the outbound mail service (SMTP), the port SMTP setting (in red on the picture) is the same for all your email accounts and must respond to the CPROXY settings (standard value is 8025). Only registered users are allowed to use SMTP server.

    For the reception of email port (POP3), the value in which you must set the POP3 port (in blue on the picture) will depend on the server from which you want to download the incoming mail (see CPROXY settings for the reception and sending of email) For example: If CPROXY has a standard settings and you want to download the incoming mail from the “Seznam” server, set the POP3 port on the value 8110 for the POST.CZ81111 server, etc.

    Start up your software for e-mail (Outlook Express)

  7. Save your settings by clicking on OK.

  8. Customize your settings for each one of the email accounts for which you want to use CPROXY according to the procedures in steps 4 – 7.

  9. Also save your settings in the Internet accounts at the end of the dialogue window by clicking onOK.

Do you have any problem or question about the setting of your computer to connect to the Internet through CPROXY? Visit our website discussion forum or feel free to contact us..

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