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Accelerator CPROXY - speed up your internet

Up to 100% more Internet for the same price or the same Internet for less money. It is CPROXY. Sign up right now and try it free.

CPROXY lowers the amount of data transferred through your connection to the Internet by an average of 50%. Because of this, your usage of CPROXY enables you to:
  • speed up the access to the Internet => saving your time and the time you pay for in case you need to access the Internet through a modem.
  • reduce the volume of transferred data => saving the money you pay for transferred data in case you access the Internet through GPRS, this is through a hardwired line with a calculated volume of data.
  • be anonymous => nobody will be able to find out your real IP address.
  • protect your privacy => neither your employer nor ISP will have no possibility to check what web sites you browse.
4 steps
Download Web/Internet accelerator
Register Web/Internet accelerator
Setting up Web/Internet accelerator
Pay for Web/Internet accelerator
Don't take compromises, don’t change your habits when navigating through the Internet … and pay less!

Signing up is completely for free and doing so does not result in any commitment towards the operators of system CPROXY. Unregistered users are limited to 32-256kbps. Registered users are limited to 30 GBytes / month limit.

We accept payments via:
Here you can find information as to the passport for our WM-identifier 238250315468 Bitcoin
If you have no possibility to pay via supported payment methods, please try to contact one of our authorised reseller.

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